Sunday, July 25, 2010

Days 23-26ish????

Agadir. Hmmm. Where to begin? Essentially, it felt like we left Morocco for two days and headed off to a European vacation on the beach. There are soooo many Europeans that come to Agadir for a cheap beach vacation that I was actually looking forward to leaving the beachside resort and heading BACK to Morocco. An earthquake in the 60s leveled the town and it was rebuilt in hideous 60s/70s architecture, with lots of beachside hotels, casinos, souvenier shops, etc. We were treated to a 5 star hotel, which, I admit had its perks - one of which was the hotel spa (complete with relaxing Moroccan hammam treatment - steam, traditional scrub down, etc.) and massage. And the food was actually good - so there were perks, don't get me wrong. And for those that wanted to swim, the pool was a luxury. However, I was so *^%^% happy when we hit the road and headed for the mountains on our way to Marrakesh. More later when we get to the coast tonight

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Salon Marocain

Salon Marocain
In the village of Tinghir

Jess and I on our camels

Jess and I on our camels
Giddy up, Booshtran!

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