Thursday, June 30, 2011


Finally! After 12 hours sitting in the Pheonix airport, then going to LAX for a red eye in order to get here one day late - I feel like I just stepped off a trans-Atlantic flight! I'm exhausted, but so anxious to get out and explore. After a short train ride to Quebec City, I'm looking forward to getting out and stretching my legs on cobblestone streets. It's definitely cooler here than in Pheonix yesterday - it's raining a bit and I had to dig out my jacket while I waiting for the bus from the airport. It's funny how after only two years I had forgotten all the funny little things I learned about Canada the last time I was here - like which coin is referred to a loonie and that Tim Horton's (Timmy's) is on every corner, and that pancakes are referred to in many places as "American" pancakes. It reminds me of the couple we met while in Montana who said they come down every once in a while in order to savor pancakes. Imagine what Grandpa Merritt's sourdough recipe could do to revolutionize the Canadian breakfast industry! ha ha. My eggs and bacon order came with a crepe, but instead of being handed jam as I expected, maple syrup came with it. I was a bit disgruntled until I remembered that I am in the maple capitol of the world. If only the Tosh kids could have seen the enormous maple rolls and donuts in the patisserie here in the train station - they'd leave Texas for good! My few words of garbled French (or the attempt thereof) are pointless, really, as everyone speaks English. I knew that, but I still want(ed) to try. I successfully ordered a soy latte in French, but was still given a look of disdain. Ah . . . to be an ignorant, unilingual American. . . but then I made up for it in a gift shop with a Chinese owner. I didn't think about it - when she handed me the change for my purchase of a Quebec flag, I instinctively said, "shieh shieh." She grinned so big and we had a conversation about why I knew Chinese. Doing so took no effort, felt natural, and makes me want to go back to Chinese. There's just something about that first foreign language (I don't know if German counts for me) that feels so natural and makes me homesick for Taiwan. Maybe that's next summer's adventure. For now, I'm off to catch the train to QC...

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Jess and I on our camels
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